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Luminara LED tea light rod candle votive

Deceptively real, rechargeable tea lights for your home

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the absolutely natural-looking play of flames with Luminara LED tealights.

Luminara presents the first rechargeable LED tea lights in real wax optics. With 36 x 36 mm size they are the smallest Luminara LED candles. Their application possibilities are almost unlimited. Due to the absence of fire hazard, they can be placed anywhere without hesitation.

The Luminara LED tea lights can be used with all common tea light accessories. In addition, the absence of fire and burn hazard allows the use of all materials. There are no more limits to your imagination when it comes to tealight holders.

In this category you will also find the popular Luminara votive candle as well as candles for the elegantly laid table.

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