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Luminara Outdoor LED Candles

Atmospheric garden lighting of the next generation

Don't waste any more thoughts about possible fire or burns and enjoy your free time with beautiful LED outdoor lighting. The Luminara LED outdoor candles convince with their weather and rain resistance. Leave the high-quality processed Luminara LED Outdoor candles outside in wind and weather without hesitation. The special material mixture of the candles protects the LED candle against dirt and fading by strong sunlight. No wax stains, no softening in the sun, no soot formation, no more safety risk! Perfectly processed, the patented LED candles create a wonderful ambience in your garden or on your terrace. And absolutely safe!

With the appropriate batteries you can achieve an average "burning time" of about 500 hours (depending on the outside temperature and the batteries used). The candles can be controlled remotely. Please order the suitable remote control sparsely.

Luminara Outdoor LED candles - weatherproof and absolutely safe!

Please remember to remove the batteries if they are empty or the candle is not used for a longer period of time to avoid damage due to possible leakage of battery fluid.

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