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Varta Button Battery Lithium CR 2032 3 Volt 230mAh

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Varta Button Battery Lithium CR 2032 3 Volt 230mAh

Product description

TheCR2032from Varta is characterized by extremely low self-discharge (< 1%/year) and environmental compatibility.
Particularly suitable for small electronic devices, data storage devices, calculators, watches and remote controls

When handling these batteries, please note that they should not be touched with bare fingers. Even the smallest residue of sweat on the surface can cause the metal surface to oxidize. Then it seems that the batteries do not have enough power during operation. Therefore, please wipe with a dry cloth before use and use with gloves if possible.

The battery is loosely shrink-wrapped in foil and thus short-circuit proof. No blister pack.

- Lithium-manganese cell in industrial quality
- Rated voltage 3.0 Volt
- Capacity 230 mAh
- Dimensions ø 20 x 3,2 mm
- Weight approx. 3 gram
- Operating temperature range -30 ... +60 °C
- Manufacturer: Varta

Form Rund
Höhe 3,20 mm
Durchmesser 20.00 mm
Bestellnummer KES-673121
EAN 4260691171182
Hersteller Varta

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